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SuperFly BJJ is Decatur’s newest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school. We provide world class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instruction to all ages in a fun, accessible, clean, and family-focused environment. All classes are taught by blackbelt level instructors with over 60 years of combined experience in BJJ, teaching all levels of students from children to beginners, as well as the casual student to professional athletes.

Beginning martial arts or self-defense training can be intimidating at any age. SuperFly Jiu Jitsu was founded to reduce that friction and create an atmosphere that is welcoming, fun and family oriented.

Our Team

All of the SuperFly jiu jitsu instructors are blackbelts, each with at least 13 years of experience. 

SuperFly BJJ Jiu Jitsu Decatur Georgia Kyle Dix

Kyle Dix


Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Carlson Gracie > Murilo Bustamante > Roan "Jucao" Carneiro > Kyle Dix

Kyle started both wrestling and jiu jitsu in 2005. He wrestled at the University of Georgia and has trained BJJ at Megalodon Gym in Athens, GA, Spear Jiu Jitsu in Philadelphia, PA, Summit BJJ in Seattle, WA, and American Top Team in Atlanta, GA. Kyle received his black belt from Roan “Jucão” Carneiro in December 2019.

SuperFly BJJ Jiu Jitsu Family Daniel Wilkins

Daniel Wilkins


Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Carlson Gracie > Murilo Bustamante > Roan “Jucao” Carneiro > Daniel Wilkins

Daniel Wilkins is an American Top Team Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blackbelt under fifth degree blackbelt and UFC veteran, Roan “Jucao” Carneiro. His BJJ journey started at Alliance Jiu Jitsu in Atlanta, where he took his first class in 2009 at the urging of a close friend. In 2013, Daniel moved over to American Top Team to train under Jucao and to focus on No-Gi Jiu Jitsu. He has been competing in Gi and No-Gi tournaments since white belt, and has multiple medals at each belt level in IBJJF, Naga, and Copa tournaments. He is incredibly excited to begin focusing on teaching more and helping foster a love for the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with the next generation of athletes and hobbyists alike. 

Daniel is also a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist, MMA Conditioning Specialist, and Youth Exercise Specialist, and he enjoys integrating his experience in these areas into his classes. 


  • NASM-CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)
  • NASM-PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist)
  • NASM-MMACS (Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist)
  • NASM-YES (Youth Exercise Specialist)
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor (Black Belt)
SuperFly BJJ Jiu Jitsu Decatur Georgia Jake Jo

Jake Jo


Jake Jo is an American Top Team Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blackbelt under fifth degree blackbelt and UFC veteran, Roan "Jucao" Carneiro. He started his BJJ career under Jim Abrille in 2005. Jake’s style is strong in leglock attacks and absolutely has the best hair of all the instructors.


  • 11am No Gi: Saturdays
  • 12pm No Gi: Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • 6pm No Gi: Monday – Thursday
  • 7:15pm Gi: Monday – Wednesday
  • 10am Gi: Saturdays
  • 5pm No Gi: Mondays & Wednesdays


We offer both Gi and No-Gi BJJ programs for kids (age 5+) and adults. Click below for more information. 


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    Superfly is an incredible jiu jitsu gym, whatever your experience level. Excellent instructors, positive atmosphere, and great location in Decatur.


    No experience in jiu-jitsu and I did the one week trial. This place is awesome, great knowledgable instructors, other students are encouraging and careful when working with you. First class you jump right in and get to work immediately.


    Great BJJ gym in the heart of Downtown Decatur. Awesome atmosphere, Experienced and skilled trainers, and a chill "Friends" like sitting area. It's been a few years since I trained, but it felt great to get back on the mats and train with the best in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Hit up this Super Fly gym if you want to train with the best.


    Love the vibe! Very welcoming atmosphere that caters to all skill levels, from hobbyist beginners to advanced competitors. The instructors are highly skilled, have a huge depth of knowledge and are very friendly. You’re going to get a great workout and learn a functional skill with real world applications!


    I’ve trained in most of the jiu-jitsu gyms in Atlanta, and Superfly is one of the best. Jake is an incredible blackbelt instructor, he taught the first jiu-jitsu class I’ve ever attended 5 years ago. Daniel is a phenomenal blackbelt instructor as well.

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